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On an isolated and unexplored island in the Caribbean is a town of over forty pirate families, hiding for over 300 years. Daniel Lightfoot, his destiny as captain now fulfilled upon the death of his father, inherits a treasure map. Intrigued by the contents he travels back to England to find the buried treasure.

Believing the treasure to be buried in the grounds of the Seaview Hotel, he and his crew land on the south coast of England and make their way to the hotel, seeking his family's long-lost buried treasure.

The hotel is run by world-weary James Riddell. An ambition-thwarted individual who manages to keep his hotel afloat by selling, smuggled cigarettes and alcohol to his residents. In the care of this James and his wife is their niece, Samantha, adopted by them at a tender age after the death of her parents.

Unhappy in her marriage to the James, Pru sees their relationship disintegrating and with the threat of the dashing Captain Lightfoot taking her niece, Samantha, back to the Caribbean, she becomes a desperate woman.

Put a desperate woman in the company of a pirate anxious to wrestle power from Captain Daniel. Add an undercover excise woman in the hotel posing as a maid. Throw in a Volvo with a faulty gearbox and crumbs of a well-known chocolate mint left under a table and you have Pieces of After Eight.

Pieces of After Eight, written by experienced comedy and drama writers, is a fast-paced comedy musical with an array of memorable tunes. Tailored to the needs of the modern amateur dramatic society with a whole host of resources for one incredibly teeny weeny rights fee, this is the ideal production for the budget conscious society wanting to put on a spectacle everyone will enjoy and remember.

Using this site you can listen to a number of songs in the musical, request an evaluation and even see a summary of the plot.