Pieces of After Eight was written after Grant Davis, a keen actor, singer and writer, found a poor selection of full length amateur musicals in the Am Dram arena.

Having written sketch comedy and a been runner-up in two prestigious drama awards, he decided that whilst he may do no better, he certainly could do no worse.

Pirates are a perennial favourite and the musical itself gives a passing nod to Jack Sparrow in recognition of this, so the subject was carefully chosen to be a timeless favourite.

Bearing in mind the practical restraints on amateur theatrical societies, it was decided to produce a musical which had a gender-flexible arrangement requiring only three males who could sing and few male actors in general. Also by providing a backing track and keeping the rights to a very low price with no per-seat percentage, in this budget-conscious age, it would provide a professional, comical production with fewer overheads and risks to the company.

Teaming up with Johnny Jarman, a long-time friend, and sketch writer with international credits, Grant and Johnny honed the script and produced a series of crisp, funny and sometimes poignant set of lyrics to match the engaging, varied and accessible tunes which Grant wrote. The result is a fast-paced musical with guaranteed laughs for an audience which will hum the tunes as they make their way home.

For more details you can request a full plot synopsis, sample script and lyrics booklet from here.