Captain Daniel Lightfoot

Daniel - Captain or the Purdy Queen looking for buried teasureDaniel is not the stuff that pirate Captains should be made of. Following in his late father's trade of piracy, Daniel finds that being a nasty cutthroat, a ruthless ruler and a harsh disciplinarian are completely alien to his gentle and sweet natured ways. He is definitely far too good to be bad. His crew have tolerated his niceness because he is who he is - a Lightfoot - well respected in Pirate circles. Can he achieve his goal of finding treasure without the spilling of blood and trying not to faint at the sight of it?

Samantha - sweet kind niece waiting for her waiting lover

Sweet, innocent, naive and completely silly, this niece of James and Pru lives in her own little world, believing in true love and fairies. When such true love comes to town in the shape of pirate Captain Daniel Lightfoot , all her prayers are answered. But alas, just as with the tides that carried him to her, she discovers that true love is not all plain sailing. She wants him to stay, he wants her to go with him. Decisions, decisions . . .

James Riddell

James - the owner of the Seaview HotelIrritable, sarcastic and world weary, somewhere under these delightful qualities lies a heart of pure cynicism. His hopes dashed when young from going to sea, he inherited The Seaview Hotel to become a resentful land lubber with a longing for a life on the ocean waves while being anchored in a marriage which is just about bearable. His constant juggling the finances to make the Hotel Seaview almost profitable all contributes to James' sardonic outlook on life. Life is a bitch – then Pirates turn up!

Pru Riddell

Pru Riddell - Facing the heartbreak of losing her niece to a pirate CaptainLong suffering and down trodden wife of James. Somewhere in her heart is the James she married, but she doesn't know if she can find him again. Only the presence of her beloved niece, the orphaned Samantha who is the object of her maternal love and care can guarantee that she keeps her sanity. Now, she is prepared to do a deal with a devil to keep her!