Pieces of After Eight
Ye be here: Performing

Performing the musical!

The prices given below are for an amateur licence only. For professional performance please contact us here.
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What do I get? Evaluation:
To evaluate this production you will receive a CD with a demonstration version of all songs plus shortened versions of the backing tracks.
A complete copy of the book for a refundable deposit of £10 for a 28-day evaluation period.
A complete copy of the libretti.
A copy of the director's guide.
A CD with demo versions of all the songs which maybe copied and distributed among the cast.
Up to 20 copies of the tracking back CD for a refundable £2 deposit. Copying prohibited.
Up to 20 copies of the book for a refundable deposit of £5 per copy (dependent on condition)
Five copies of the libretto. (Can be photocopied, but with restrictions)
A copy of the director's guide.
Artwork resources for posters, tickets and programs in industry popular formats: £150.
A performance rights fee of £750.00 for a limit of 7 performances during a 7-day period.
No percentage fee charged! No further fees applicable.
Up to three backing tracks, re-recorded in a different key if required. Further re-recordings: £35 each.

All material will be made available up to six months before due production date - plenty of rehearsal time!
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